Benefits of Orthodontic Braces

dental-bracesAn attractive smile that shows even teeth boosts the self confidence of the owner. People with overcrowded and misaligned teeth shy away from smiling and this affects their self-image. Orthodontic treatment helps to eliminate and prevent various health problems. The beauty with orthodontic treatment is that it can be initiated successfully at any age. However, it is advisable for children to see Bethlehem Orthodontics at least at the age of 7 so that they can be advised whether they will need braces. At that time, the first permanent incisors and molars have already sprouted and the crowding and cross bites can be evaluated.

Early treatment helps to guide the incoming permanent teeth and the jaw into the right direction. In addition, it will also normalize the width of the lower and upper dental arches, which minimizes the possibility of impacted wisdom teeth. Early orthodontic treatment also creates space for the emergence of the permanent teeth, which eliminates speech and swallowing problem. In essence, it helps in getting rid of some future dental problems that require extra treatment.

Dental braces are very important when it comes to the mouth hygiene. Crowded and crooked teeth are challenging to clean because flossing and brushing is not properly carried out. This can lead to various gum diseases and tooth decay. Eventually, if these issues are not handled early, it can lead to massive teeth loss. In addition, misaligned teeth can affect the ability of an individual to speak and chew properly. Protruding teeth can prevent the lower and upper teeth from coming together comfortably, which is known as a bad bite or malocclusion. This usually leads to jaw problem and abnormal wear of the teeth enamel.

Clearly, orthodontic braces help in proper alignment of the teeth, which permits better oral hygiene. This prevents you from getting oral cavities and gum diseases that can lead to eventual tooth loss. A bad bite is one of the most common oral issues that prompt Bethlehem Orthodontics to recommend treatment. At Frey Smiles, adults can also benefit from orthodontic treatment. They will get dental braces that help in correcting malocclusion, crowding, alignment and spacing problems that were not addressed at an early age. It is important to understand that the process of aligning teeth is similar across all ages. However, adults have to undergo the treatment for a longer time than the younger children. The reason behind this is that the facial bones in adults have stopped growing unlike those in children. Adults mostly seek orthodontic treatment to improve their smiles and boost their self image. No doubt, after proper alignment of teeth, a person can look younger and attractive. At Frey Smiles, patients with misaligned and crowded teeth can chose ether the plastic, ceramic or metal orthodontic braces to eliminate this problem.

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