Get Approved for Disability the First Time

mdd6Governmental disability benefits are available to anyone who meets the criteria. They are available for people who suffer from a debilitating or terminal illness that will prevent them from working for at least 12 months. The benefits provide medical coverage and monthly income to such people. Unfortunately, more than 60 percent of disability claims receive a denial on the application the first time. The following are some tips that an applicant can use to increase the chances of obtaining an approval the first time:

Gather Medical Evidence
The first thing you should do to ensure that your claim has a chance is collect medical evidence. You will need to have a physician verify the diagnosis of your illness, testify as to the severity of your illness, and estimate the amount of time that you will suffer from your illness. You can request copies of session notes, X-rays, diagnoses, examinations, prescriptions and any other notes that you feel will help your case in any way. Many claimants receive denials because they do not have enough medical evidence that substantiates their claim. You can get the paperwork in order before you file your claim so that you do not waste any time.

Be Available
The next tip for getting an approval on the first try is to be available at all times. The Social Security Administration needs to get in touch with you to ask questions about your claim and to set appointments for meetings with physicians and specialists. They can deny your claim if you do not keep yourself available for such correspondence. The way they see it, you will be available if you really need the benefits that they have for you. The Administration may view any missed communication as a lack of interest in benefits.

Complete the Recommended Therapy
Another way you can try to boost your chances of obtaining an immediate approval is to complete any recommended therapy that your specialist gives you. You should take your prescribed medications and see any specialists such as cardiac specialists if your physician orders you to do such. Failure to comply may result in a denial.

Contact an Attorney
Finally, you will want to have a reliable attorney on your side. Some claims get approved quickly because an attorney assists the claimant. Myler Disability is a firm that has been protecting the rights of disabled individuals for more than 20 years. The experts at the firm want to see you collect the benefits that you deserve. You can call now for a free case evaluation. You have nothing to lose by consulting with an expert who can help. Get help now and minimize the risk of denial.

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