Preventing Cavities

Preventing CavitiesCavities can be best described as hollow areas in the teeth that are caused by tooth decay as the result of a combined effect of bacteria and a diet high in sugar and starch. These areas also called plaques progress and increase their damage becoming a costly and painful problem if not dealt with in a timely fashion. Like in many other diseases, you can best protect yourself from teeth cavity by preventing it and there are a number of things you can do about it, here are just a few of them:

  1. Oral hygiene.

Brushing is the very base of your cavities prevention efforts, you simply cannot skip this. Maintaining a high level of oral hygiene will require brushing your teeth two to three times per day using toothpaste with fluoride. It is also highly recommended to put in some extra effort and brush every side of your teeth as opposed to only brushing their outer surface. Make sure you get to their lower and upper parts, their back sides as well as their biting tops.

Flossing is also very important in mechanically removing plaque from your teeth especially from the areas that are not reached by your tooth brush. In is recommended to floss at least once a day.

  1. Proper food diet.

The most common cause of teeth decay is an acidic diet and eating unhealthy foods, and that`s why one of the most important things to remember in your prevention of cavities is to be careful of what you eat and drink. For example eating food with lots of sugar increases the PH value in your mouth which in its own turns increases the acidic value making your teeth week and prone to cavities.


You can prevent this by rinsing your mouth after eating sugars. So a really simple and useful rule of thumb would be to cut down on eating sweets, chocolate, cakes, fizzy drinks that cause for this situation on the first place. On the other side, there are some food products that can play a significant role in the prevention of cavity as well. Chewing sugar-free gums are proven to have a great impact in the prevention process, especially the ones enriched with a natural substitute of sugar called Xylitol. Cheese is also considered to have a positive effect because of the casein ( a type of protein) found in it. Some other healthy choices include sugar free coffee, tea, vegetables and fruits, rice, eggs, pasta and any foods with unrefined carbohydrates.

  1. Regular visits to the dentist.
    Many of the early signs of cavities can only be detected by the trained eye of your dentist, apart from all your precaution with your oral hygiene and proper diet, regular check-ups are a must. With the abundance of information on the internet nowadays it is really easy to find the right dentist for you, for example if you happen to live in the capital of Arkansas, just search for Little Rock Dentists and you are bound to find the right one for you.


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